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About Artist:

Soner Göksay Born in Izmir Turkiye in 1961. Graduated from MimarSinanUniversity Faculty of Fine Arts Department of Painting / Istanbul. He received restoration and conservation of applied painting education at the same university. The artist is one of the eight certificated restorators approved by Academy. He gave support to the healing of mentally-ill people as an art terapist in collaboration with psychiatrist s at Erasmus Studio of Mental Health between 2000-2001. At the same time the artist, who founded an art group named 4. Dimension in Bodrum (with the participation of 30 students from different branches), executed studies on basic art terms and techniques and history of art. His studies on Bodrum group continues actively. The artist, who founded his ATÖLYE&Atölye Art Studio, gives courses on preparation to Academy of Fine Arts, hobby, art therapy and special painting techniques. He has arranged numerous personal exhibitions and participated group exhibitions since 1985. The artist has works inland and abroad and still manages art groups of Izmir and Bodrum.

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