“Talent Can Not Be Copied”

“Hope”/ Oil on canvas / detail from process of painting / 2013 / soner göksay

“Talent Can Not Be Copied”

Personally I don’t like, covering photos and paintings with watermarks on internet. Sharing small sizes are ok, but huge writings or signatures on images do not seem to me such a meaningfull thing   for protecting originality.

“Hope”/ Oil on canvas / detail from process of painting / 2013 / soner göksay

If artist desires  to share his-her works, since his talent cannot be copied, he can be more coregoues. It’s a huge trash that we talked about artworks in internet.

You can reach millions of different or smiliar works.You can even discover quite fine works and also trash pieces.

Well, so lets talk about having a talent;… It’s a kind of unique way that which makes us different than others.

It means that, it’s something about personality of an artist.

“Hope”/ Oil on canvas / detail from painting / 2013 / soner göksay

If its something that can be copied totaly, it’s only something which can be explained with technique.

Briefly, it’s not the art which has to have a creativity of its own. By the way, if we’re not talking about craft, it doesn’t have a potential of copying.

So, artist may love his art works, but he musn’t afraid to be copied about his artworks.

As I wrote above, the talent is not such sort of thing which can be copied…

“Hope”/ Oil on canvas / final painting / 2013 / soner göksay


soner göksay / 2014

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